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Smart Savings Through AC Installation & Replacement in Tomball, TX.

When budgets are tight, it seems logical to scrape through just one more summer without replacing your AC system, right? With decent AC Maintenance, you’re sure you can make it through the next few months. But if your technician finds problems that could be costly to fix, or you have a refrigerant leak, it might well make more economic sense to consider air conditioning replacement in Tomball, TX, instead of as air conditioner replacement costs could be lower or even equal to your AC repair costs.

If your system is ten years old or more, it may well be running on R-22 refrigerant. Banned by the EPA, this ozone-depleting substance is being phased out in 2020, with imports and production also forbidden. This makes topping up your system a very expensive process, becoming even more exorbitant as time goes by.

There are many factors that influence the air conditioner replacement cost in Tomball, TX. They exist because there are various components included in the whole system that may need to be replaced one by one or all at once during a single servicing operation.

Some of the main factors that influence the cost of air conditioner replacement in Tomball, TX are as follows:

  1. The type of AC system.
  2. Presence or absence of central air-conditioning in your home/building/office space.
  3. Ductwork used for delivering conditioned air throughout all rooms where it’s needed.
  4. Different types of refrigerants inside the system.
  5. Condition and age of the compressor (AC’s heart).
  6. Replacement parts required during servicing/repairing operations.
  7. AC repair and service costs and AC installation costs.
  8. Your location
  9. The level of noise emitted by your old unit
  10. New advanced technologies used for manufacturing modern units

When planning for AC replacement in Tomball, TX, you should consider all relevant factors that can make your expenses much higher than originally estimated. However, if you hire a professional like Wrightway Comfort to do the job – you will probably not experience any serious problems at all.

Expert Analysis Of Air Conditioning Installation Service In Tomball, TX

The smartest move is to explore the prices and possibilities of newer and more effective systems that operate at different pressure levels with a chlorine-free refrigerant called R410A. For smaller homes and offices, ductless AC installation in Tomball TX is a great option, with lower installation costs. Larger premises may benefit from a central system that offers added comfort, despite the higher cost and disruption of installing ductwork.

However, for a wise homeowner comparing the costs of AC installation & replacement in Tomball, TX with the price of total repairs. If you have planned to go ahead with the replacement, then the most prudent approach is to discuss your options with a trustworthy contractor like Wrightway Comfort, familiar with local conditions and knowledgeable about the vast range of makes and models on the dynamic HVAC market.

AC Installation & Replacement Cost in Tomball, TX

Best Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement Cost In Tomball & The Surrounding Areas

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Tax benefits On AC Installation Services in Tomball, TX

When you select a cooling system and thereafter have your air conditioner installation in Tomball, TX done,  make sure it complies with energy efficiency requirements in order to receive a tax credit of up to $300 on central air conditioners, packaged units, heat pumps, and ductless mini-split systems. Propane, natural gas, and oil furnaces and boilers qualify for tax savings of up to $150, while renewable energy (like geothermal systems) offers unlimited credit of up to 30% of the cost.

However, for qualified HVAC improvements, homeowners may be able to claim tax credits equal to 10% of installed costs (up to $500) while obtaining air conditioning installation service in Tomball TX. These benefits are dependent on the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) ratings assigned to each model. For instance, split system units must be certified as 16 SEER/13 EER to qualify for the tax credit. As a rule of thumb, equipment awarded ENERGY STAR specifications since 2016 complies with these requirements.

Professional Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement In Tomball, TX, And Surrounding Areas!

A licensed HVAC contractor like Wrightway Comfort is the most trustworthy source of information on the most economic equipment and the SEER ratings that respond to your needs. As part of air conditioning replacement in Tomball, TX, we help you draw up a comparative AC installation investment plan, weigh the initial costs against long-term benefits like low-interest loans and extended warranties, as well as direct paybacks like tax credits.

Other major advantages of new AC installation services in Tomball, TX are equally important to consider, including lower monthly utility bills, lower-cost AC services, and a decade or more of problem-free comfort for families or employees.

In Tomball, TX Air Conditioning Installation Planning Ensures Comfort!

Sooner or later, all cooling systems need replacement, as AC repair in Tomball, TX, and surrounding areas and monthly running costs become too costly. By thinking ahead and planning your air conditioning replacement in Tomball, TX for a convenient time, you avoid the inconvenience of living in a house that is always too hot or too cold. This also gives you time to evaluate the potential costs and advantages of the latest models available on the market, weighing the pros and cons of types, models, makes and SEER ratings, particularly as there are many new features you will want to explore. For expert guidance, discuss your needs with a Wrightway Comfort consultant at (346) 202-5101.

Fast A/C Installation, Maintenance, And Replacement!

When your AC system sounds like it’s going to break down any moment, wafting strange smells through homes and offices, it’s time to look for a professional who is proficient in AC replacement services in Tomball, TX quickly, before your equipment gets damaged too badly to fix. Ask us for fast help!

Delicate systems that operate for long hours (sometimes even non-stop) are subject to heavy wear and tear on moving parts. And although a skipped AC maintenance call might not seem to make much difference, the hidden costs build up unseen, through weaker airflows, patchy temperatures, and poorer quality indoor air, as deteriorating equipment struggles to cope with rising temperatures. For a rapid response to every call for help and fair, transparent quotes on the necessary repairs, get in touch with our team today.

For older systems, it’s worth comparing today’s AC maintenance and repair fees with the price of a brand-new system, offset against all the financial and physical benefits enjoyed over the next ten years or more. AC replacement in Tomball, TX could be the economical solution for your comfort! Get a free quote now.

Remember, prices will be soaring for R-22 refrigerant used by systems installed more than ten years ago, and many of their more expensive parts are wearing out. This means it’s time to take a hard look at long-term benefits, compared to steadily increasing outlays on repairs and replacements. For expert advice on deciding between AC installation and AC replacement services in Tomball TX, talk to a Wrightway Comfort consultant. Learn more here!

When it comes to the health and comfort of families and employees, only the best is good enough, in terms of keeping HVAC systems running smoothly and cleanly. Planning ahead for regular maintenance avoids the inconvenience and costs of unexpected heater repairs and AC services in Tomball, and surrounding areas, when worn-out parts and contaminated systems fail to work properly.

If you want a new AC installation & replacement in Tomball, TX, then look no further than Wrightway Comfort! We offer free estimates on all of our services so there’s never any pressure from us. And if you do decide to hire us for your project then we guarantee 100% satisfaction guaranteed every time! That means if anything goes wrong during the process just let one of our experts know and they will make sure it gets fixed as soon as possible at no extra cost to you. 

So what are you waiting for? Call (346) 202-5101 now to speak with one of our friendly team members about how much money you could save by signing up for a yearly maintenance plan today!

Frequently Asked Questions ​

Varying by home size, brand and ductwork complexity, installing an AC system varies from a couple of hundred dollars for a simple window unit to well over $10,000 for a central system, averaging out at under $5000 for an average home. Added to this are the labor costs for the safe removal and disposal of the old system.
Only a licensed contractor should install air conditioning systems, because this involves handling refrigerant, which is a harmful chemical. The simplest equipment to install is a ductless mini-split, as the contractor simply knocks a small hole in an outer wall, through which runs piping that links the indoor evaporator to the outdoor condenser. Central air conditioning systems may require complex ductwork, whose installation is costly and time-consuming. Before installing any system, the insulation should be checked and upgraded, if necessary.
Depending on the premises and the complexity of the system, a certified technician (and his mate) need up to five days to install a central air conditioning system from scratch. However, replacements may take longer, as old equipment must be removed and properly disposed of, while existing ductwork might need repairing or reconfiguring.


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