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Telltale signs that you need air-conditioning repair in Tomball, TX

There are many ways that your home or office tells you it’s in need of AC repair: temperatures may be patchy, with some rooms too hot and others too cold; leaks might be staining your ceilings or pooling on your floors; strange noises and unpleasant smells can be bothersome. If you see any of these warning signs, it’s time to call in a licensed contractor like Wrightway Comfort. There’s no time to lose, as minor mechanical glitches with quick, low-cost fixes can quickly develop into major issues requiring expensive repairs or even replacements.

Slow cooling needs AC Service

When rooms take too long to cool, or stay uncomfortably warm, this could indicate a problem with your condenser. When the fan turns on, if you notice any odd noises or there are any leaks around your outside condenser unit, you should call a licensed A/C repair service contractor immediately. Just check your breaker box first, to make sure that electricity is getting through to your equipment.

Complex and relatively delicate equipment, condensers have many parts and processes that can cause problems. The most common issues are broken capacitors, frayed belts, faulty relay switches, motor burnouts and crushed condenser coils. But some of the most frequent reasons for AC services in Tomball, TX, are refrigerant leaks. Shifting between gas and liquid states, refrigerant levels can drop unseen, as leaks are not always visible. This is where a trained technician uses an electronic leak detector to pinpoint leaks throughout your home or office, replacing faulty pipes or coils and then recharging your system with fresh refrigerant.

Older systems might need AC Replacement & Installation

If your HVAC system was installed before 2010, there’s a good chance that it uses R-22 refrigerant, which is an ozone-depleting substance. However, imports and production have been illegal in the USA since January 1, 2020, together with the manufacture and installation of new systems working with this coolant, although still permitting the use and maintenance of systems that use it.

But prices are very high, and if your units need more refrigerant, you may have to decide between a hefty repair bill or a full system replacement. Although your current equipment may have a label identifying the refrigerant that it uses, it’s always a good idea to check with a certified technician during your next AC maintenance in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas.

Subsequent steps for AC Service in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas

Having checked the refrigerant leaks, a certified technician tests other parts of your system, including the fan motor and capacitor, as well as condenser coils, belts and relay switches. In Tomball, AC repairs actually save you money, by replacing worn or faulty parts promptly, before they cause further damage to expensive equipment.

Water leaks need AC Repair Services in Tomball, TX

When stains or bubbles appear on your ceiling, this might mean that your condensate drain is backed up or sweating. In Tomball, AC repair services can fix this easily by replacing a clogged condensate drain line. Over time, rust from the evaporator coil and even algae growing in pooled water can clog the outlet, causing your drain pan to overflow. During air conditioning repair in Tomball TX, a certified technician inspects every component of your AC system, making sure that drip pans are dry and drain lines are clear, cleaning debris from the evaporator coil for more efficient operations.

To avoid repeat problems, it’s important to check why the condensate drain line is blocked. Algae built-up can be prevented through adding a special product to the service port every few months, while rust might indicate that the evaporator coil needs replacing.

So whenever you have the slightest doubt about your air conditioning system, protect your investment by discussing your problem with a Wrightway Comfort consultant. Just call us at (832) 772-5642.

Sooner is better for air conditioning repair in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas.

Although a minor fault in your AC system might not shut it down immediately, it will soon affect other parts of your equipment. For example, when a refrigerant leaks, the indoor evaporator coil gets too cold and might even freeze up, causing permanent – and expensive! – damage.

This is why you should call in professional AC services in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas the moment you notice anything different in your system, rather than waiting until your equipment is too damaged to work properly. So if you want to be smart and check your refrigerant levels, 536

Savings on AC Services and Heater Repair in Tomball TX

Regular maintenance keeps your cooling and heating systems operating efficiently throughout the year, keeping families and employees comfortable all the time, regardless of outside temperatures. Every spring and fall, a professional maintenance call keeps your equipment in top condition, with lower operating costs and greater comfort. As the days grow shorter, tuning up your system can avoid expensive heater repairs during the colder months, while AC services in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas keep you cool during Texas heatwaves. Click Here for Year-Round Comfort!

AC Repair Cost in Tomball, TX

AC Repair Cost in Tomball & Surrounding Areas

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Investing in Installation and Maintenance in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas In fact, you can actually save money all year round, by thinking ahead about HVAC installation and maintenance in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas. through lower monthly utility bills, fewer costly repairs and a longer useful life for your expensive equipment. Why not talk to a Wrightway Comfort consultant today? Call Us for Expert Advice!

Frequently Asked Questions ​

Small jobs – like replacing drain lines, recharging refrigerant, repairing fan motors or even replacing capacitors – cost anywhere from just over $100 to $500. More extensive repairs – like replacing the evaporator or condenser coils or even the entire compressor – can top several thousand dollars, depending on the severity of the problem and replacement part costs. This is why smart homeowners wanting accurate repair prices call in licensed contractors like Wrightway Comfort as soon as they notice anything different in their system.

This depends on the problem, of course. First, check the breaker box to make sure that your system is powered up, and place a thermometer next to the thermostat, to see if it is working properly. Brushing dirt away from vents and registers and putting in a clean filter ensures better airflows with more even temperatures. Outdoors, make sure that air can flow freely away from the condenser, by pruning away excess foliage and removing debris. If the system is still not working properly, it’s time for a professional diagnosis from a licensed contractor, like Wrightway Comfort.

There is a component in your AC system called the evaporator coil. This is what actually cools your air. But weak airflows (caused by dirty filters, clogged events or a malfunctioning blower), low refrigerant levels (resulting from leaks) and clogged drain lines (caused by rust, dirt or algae) can all freeze your evaporator coil. To avoid further damage to your delicate equipment, turn your system off immediately and get fast help from a licensed contractor, like Wrightway Comfort.


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Common Air Conditioning Repairs

Compressor replacement

$1,495 – $3,495

Thermostat replacement

$200 – $750

Contactor replacement

$239 – $380

Condenser fan motor replacement

$400 – $900

Capacitor replacement

$133 – $380

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