Ductless Mini Split System Bellaire TX

Are you looking for a convenient air conditioning and heating solution for your home? Well, you need to go with ductless split system installation Bellaire, TX!

A ductless mini-split system is an excellent alternative to the regular furnace and central AC combination that most homeowners choose for. If you are looking for a great system to cool or heat your home, ensure to contact the Wrightway Comfort team. We are one of the leading HVAC service providers in the Bellaire, TX region.

How Does the Ductless System Function?

Ductless systems or ductless mini-splits are heat pump units that do not depend on the ductwork. Generally, a furnace or central AC uses the ductwork in the house but the ductless system utilizes individual air handlers that are fixed throughout your house.  It is beneficial to set up individual air handlers and it permits you to focus on areas of the home that require more cooling and heating power than others.

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Though the features of ductless systems sound great, most homeowners continue to stick with their furnace and central HVAC combo. If you are one of them, you should know the unique features of a ductless system that you are not aware of.

Lower HVAC bills: When you have individual thermostats and autonomous air handlers, it is possible to cool and heat the rooms you require rather than doing it for the entire space. If you cool only the required space, you can save money on the cooling bills.

Zone control: It is one of the best ways to cool or heat your home. It means you can separate the house into zones by adding individual thermostats. Thus, the homeowners get an idea about the structural imbalances and target specific areas for heating and cooling. By opting for ductless mini-split system installation Bellaire, TX residence, you can zone your house without having to modify the existing duct system. 

Air quality: When you have traditional HVAC systems, you can notice air ducts clogging up with pet dander, mold, dust, and various airborne allergens. It can contaminate the air, thereby making you sick. The ductless mini-split AC provides multi-stage filtration which reduces air contaminants. Also, you do not have to care about troublesome air duct cleanings.

Energy efficiency: One of the best things about the ductless split system is the significant cost savings. It functions by utilizing less power and permits homeowners to cool selected occupied rooms. Due to this, ductless split units abide by the EPA’s stringent Energy Star guidelines, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

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Why Choose Wrightway Comfort?

If you are interested to invest in a ductless split system, trust the Wrightway Comfort team. Our dedicated HVAC experts have installed numerous ductless split systems all over Bellaire, TX. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and every installation by us function excellently for several years.

Contact the Wrightway Comfort team today for the best ductless split system installation and enjoy all the benefits it offers!
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