AC Installation: A Wise Investment

Ranking high among major investments in your home or office, your air conditioning system can cost you anywhere up to $10,000 or even more, depending on type, model and size. It’s a good idea to discuss your thoughts with a professional, as soon as you start considering putting in a new system or replacing your current equipment.

Talk to a professional

Advice from an expert on AC installation in Tomball, TX, can actually save you money, by making sure you pick a system that is perfectly sized to your rooms and requirements. This is because an undersized system will be overtaxed, consuming more energy to keep room temperatures down. This pumps up monthly utility bills, together with other outlays caused by more frequent repairs or even replacements.

Size is important

Meanwhile, if your equipment is too large for your premises, the air will cool too quickly. Your unit shuts off too quickly, before sufficient moisture is removed from the air, thus leaving your rooms unpleasantly humid. Worse still, this cycle is repeated every time the temperature rises, imposing added strain on your units, with shorter working lives. Another point is that larger equipment is more expensive, with more complex and costly installation.

As a rough size guide, work with around an 18 Btu capacity per square foot. However, central AC systems are more complicated, which is where you need skilled professional advice about the best AC installation near me on sizing your AC system.

Once our home comfort adviser has indicated the best size equipment for you – taking into account other factors such as load calculation, energy efficiency ratings and brands – it’s time to think about how to purchase your system, and how much financing you can slot into your budget.

The final step is to check out the price of your air conditioning installation. As well as the equipment itself, this will probably include the materials involved in the process, including chemicals, wiring, ductwork and metal bracket mountings, plus skilled labor costs, of course.

At the other end of the scale are window-mounted units costing only a few hundred dollars. Powerful enough to cool only a room or two, they offer reasonable comfort at rock bottom prices for smaller areas.

The total fee for installing a central air conditioning system in an average home or office hovers between $2,000 and $10,000, depending on the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and the amount of ductwork involved.

Pick a licensed professional

Projects this large usually require permits that can be obtained by a state-licensed contractor. This is a job for professionals, particularly when handling refrigerant chemicals.

When you’re planning to invest all this thought, time and money in your new units, you need to choose the most cost-efficient AC installation in Tomball, TX. Just call Wrightway Comfort at (832) 501-9557 for a competitive quote and a description of how we can guide you smoothly through this complex investment that will keep your family or employees cool and comfortable for years to come.

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