AC Replacement: What Are the Main Signs That an AC Needs to be Replaced?

There comes a time for all air conditioners when they need to be replaced. If you are unsure whether or not your AC needs to be replaced, then read on for some main signs that will tell you it is time. Keep in mind, though, that these are just guidelines and that only a professional should make the final decision on whether or not your AC needs to be replaced.

1. Your AC is more than 10 years old – The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 10-15 years. So if your AC is getting up there in age, it may be time to start thinking about scheduling an AC replacement in Tomball, TX.

2. Your energy bills are increasing – If you notice that your energy bills are slowly but steadily increasing, even though your AC usage has stayed the same, it could be a sign that your AC or mini split AC in Montgomery, TX is losing efficiency and needs to be replaced.

3. Your AC needs frequent repairs – If you find yourself having to repair your AC more and more often, it is probably time to replace it. Frequent repairs are not only costly, but they are also a sign that your AC is on its last legs.

4. Your AC is not blowing cold air – This is a sure sign that something is wrong with your AC and it needs to be looked at by a professional. It could be a simple fix, but it could also be a sign that your AC needs to be replaced.

Whether you want to schedule AC replacement or AC tune-up in Conroe, TX, the team at Wrightway Comfort can help. We are experienced and certified professionals who can take a look at your AC and let you know what needs to be done.

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