Avoid expensive compressor damage through fast-response AC repair in Cypress

Soaring summer temperatures impose heavy burdens on overworked cooling systems in homes and offices. And when something goes wrong, you get fast, efficient ac repair in Cypress, TX, and surrounding areas from Wrightway Comfort.

Staying cool with ac repair in Cypress, TX,

Cooling systems run on complex equipment with many components. And a defect in even a tiny part can affect your family’s comfort. Worse still, without rapid ac repair in Tomball, TX, a minor fault can quickly expand and affect other far more expensive items in your system. They may cost thousands of dollars to replace, instead of a fast and easy fix at the right time.

In the long run, it’s generally cheaper to call in a licensed contractor experienced in ac repair in Cypress, TX, and surrounding areas, as soon as you notice anything different about your cooling system, particularly odd noises, patchy temperatures and strange smells.

 What are the costs of A/C repair in Cypress, TX?

The total price depends on what parts can be fixed, what components need replacement, and how long this takes. With more frequent refrigerant leaks, older units are often more expensive to repair.

If a refrigerant leak is detected during air conditioning service in Katy, TX, a certified technician from Wrightway Comfort can soon locate the problem and fix it. Particularly vulnerable areas include weld joints, valves and filter canisters, as well as copper tubing.

Refrigerant checks during ac repair in Tomball, TX

If not handled quickly, low refrigerant levels can damage expensive components like an expensive compressor, which will probably have to be replaced.

One reason for this is that ozone-damaging R-22 refrigerant known as Freon is being phased out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), replaced by environmentally friendly Puron (R410-A). Already almost twice as expensive and hard to obtain, R-22 will be obsolete and unavailable for ac repair in Cypress, TX, and surrounding areas by the end of this decade.

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