Healthier homes through fast AC repair in The Woodlands, TX

Confident that newly-opening schools are doing their best to keep pupils, staff and employees safe and healthy, Wrightway Comfort is firmly committed to supporting their efforts through fast and efficient AC repair in The Woodlands, TX, and surrounding areas.

Going back to school safely with expert AC repair in The Woodlands, TX, and surrounding areas with Wrightway Comfort

Together with the usual new backpacks, crisp notebooks and bright pencils, school children and their parents must now extend the usual back-to-school paraphernalia with facemasks and hand sanitizers for even the youngest students.

During this strangest summer in living memory, hygienic homes are more important than ever. And the best way to ensure clean indoor air is through regular maintenance, equipment upgrades and efficient A/C repair in Spring, TX, and surrounding areas.

Now free from childcare demands, parents are thronging back to work as well. However, these constant inflows from the outside world step up the risks for more vulnerable family members still sheltering in place: babies, seniors and people with weakened immunity. This is why equipment upgrades and fast, effective AC repair in the Woodlands, TX, and surrounding areas is vital for healthy families.

Top tips for healthier homes through upgrades and AC repair in the Woodlands, TX, and surrounding areas

As working parents themselves, Wrightway Comfort technicians are well aware of the importance of clean air and home hygiene. During AC repairs in the Woodlands, TX, and surrounding areas, they often share some of the ways they are protecting their own families through better quality indoor air:

  •  changing air filters at least once a month, and upgrading them to the highest rating approved for each system (with expert advice, of course);
  • opening windows and doors for half an hour whenever possible, to lower virus loads through natural ventilation;
  • wiping down all HVAC vents, registers, thermostats and controls with a disinfectant solution (four teaspoons of household bleach in a quart of water) once a day or more;
  • leaving disinfectant wipes near thermostats, as a reminder to sanitize before and after adjustments.

What the pros recommend

Knowing that discretionary incomes are leaner than usual, the experts at Wrightway Comfort have drawn up a list of low-cost air enhancement solutions. Their suggestions include HEPA sanitizers and UV purifiers as add-on appliances for current air conditioning installations in Tomball, TX, and surrounding areas. 

If you’d like to explore budget-friendly approaches to keeping your family safe and healthy through state-of-the-art appliances and efficient AC repair in Spring, TX, and surrounding areas, come discuss your needs with the experts at Wrightway Comfort: (346) 202-5101.

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