How to prepare for a New Heater Installation in Magnolia, TX?

It’s the beginning of Winter! That means it is time to prepare for another heater installation. Here are some tips on how to get new heater installation in Magnolia, TX without too much headache:

1) Keep track of your heater’s old parts – When you buy a new heater, they will usually include some spare parts. Make sure to ask about those so you can keep them in case something happens with the old ones. If your old heater comes with no spares we recommend getting a new installation kit as well. This is typically cheaper than buying parts separately and can save you time as well!

2) Be careful with your current heater – We know it’s tempting to turn the heat back on if it’s cold, but please be careful with your heating appliances after assuming they will no longer be needed. Make sure to turn it off and unplug the unit before working with your new one!

3) Have a plan for doors – If you have an exterior door, we recommend installing some basic insulation to keep cold air out of your home. That way you won’t be taking any steps back during winter!

4) Cover outdoor drains – If you have any outdoor drains, be sure to pull them out and cover them with insulation or something similar. This will help prevent water from freezing in your pipes! 

5) Keep track of the weather – If you can get away with turning off your heater for a bit, do it. It’s probably best to keep your heat on during cold days/nights and turn it off during warmer ones. Being too cold is just as bad as being too hot, after all!

6) Secure garden hoses – If you have any garden hoses outside, we recommend making sure they are secure. This will prevent them from freezing and potentially cracking or bursting when frozen!

7) Call a reliable contractor– If you are not feeling up to the task of installing your new heater, our professionals are always ready to offer the best heater service in Spring, TX! We can even install a new unit without needing access to your home’s interior!

Schedule heater service in Tomball, TX, and surrounding areas from Wrightway Comfort today! We provide quality heater service and installation services. Call (346) 202-5101 for more information.
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