Noise Issues That Calls For Best AC Repair in Montgomery, TX!

There are some AC units that can be noisy. Sometimes the noise is due to improper installation or components wearing out over time. Other times, the cause can be as simple as dirt buildup on a coil. This blog post will discuss common types of noises that are heard from air conditioners and how to address them when you schedule the best AC repair in Montgomery, TX.

Make Your Air Conditioner More Effective By Fixing These Common Noise Issues!

1. Rattling

A rattling noise from your air conditioner usually means that there is dirt or debris built up on the coil. Are you thinking of calling air conditioning services in Magnolia, TX for the rattling noise issue in your AC system? Before calling, learn the reason for the rattling sound. 

The sound of metal touching metal can be irritating and cause a high-pitch rattle when you initially turn it on in spring. In most cases, ice has accumulated over the winter months which then melts during warmer weather causing water to drip onto the unit’s exterior coils. This results in rust buildup with exposure to oxygen which creates a roughened surface for more debris and dust particles to stick!

Solution: Cleaning AC Coils

The solution here is pretty simple – clean the AC coils so they don’t have anything blocking airflow through them! If needed, you can request the AC services in Magnolia, TX to clean the coils. 

2. Clicking

This is a very common noise that you hear from your air conditioner. It sounds like someone has their finger on the end of a pen and every time they hit it to make a point, there’s that sound! The clicking happens as part of the compressor’s internal process and should not be anything to worry about. However, if you feel the sound is severe, you can request for AC repair in Magnolia, TX

Solution: Nothing to Worry About Here

The best solution for this issue is not to do much at all! As long as your unit isn’t making any other noises, then just let it run.

If your unit is making other sounds or maybe even having trouble turning on at all, then give a call to the pros who deal with cooling and heating in Conroe, TX. The experts will help to get you back up and running with minimal interruption in comfort! By knowing what causes an air conditioner noise – homeowners will feel better prepared to make quick fixes if they hear something strange one day when they turn their AC on. 

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