Perfect Solution For More Flexibility And Comfort

There’s no reason to get hot and bothered, when you have a ductless mini-split in Tomball, TX. This is the perfect solution, even for impromptu living and working spaces like newly-renovated basements and attics, built-out office extensions, hobby sheds and playhouses.

In fact, a mini-split system is also the perfect solution for ranches with stand-alone facilities that may be used irregularly, like barn offices, or even separate foaling or calving pens. As each indoor/outdoor unit has its own thermostat and compressor/condenser, they can be switched on only when necessary, with lower utility bills and longer working lives.

Customized comfort

With each mini-split AC unit controlled individually, the temperature in each area can be adjusted to specific requirements and preferences. Babies, seniors and people with medical conditions may all need rooms that are warmer or cool than the rest of the house. Offices and stores can adjust temperatures in specific parts of their premises, while in rural areas, livestock and plants may thrive at temperatures cooler than the outside air.

No ductwork, no leaks

With no vents or long ducts requiring tricky installation and expensive maintenance, none of the cool air produced by a mini-split system escapes into the open air, keeping monthly costs even lower.

No matter how odd the floor plan, a ductless mini-split system can adapt easily to even the most awkward layout, as the compressor/condenser unit can be located up to fifty feet away from the indoor cooling unit.

Flexibility with fast installation

Ideal for many types of offices and homes,  a mini-split system is  far more flexible than other options. Quick, clean and easy to install in less than a day by a qualified technician, with minimal mess and noise, all that is needed is to open a three-inch space through a wall, so labor costs are low. A conduit protecting the power cable, the AC piping and the drainage tubes is then snaked through this hole, connecting the indoor evaporator to the compressor/condenser unit outside.

Save energy, save money

In addition to being fast and easy to install, mini-split AC units are extremely energy efficient. As the compressor is inverter-driven, instead of running at constant speeds, it generally operates at a lower frequency, consuming less power.

Although more expensive to purchase, these stand-alone units are faster and cheaper to install, with lower energy consumption, maintenance and repair costs. Far less expensive to operate than other options, these environmentally-friendly systems soon pay for themselves through lower outlays. Thanks to this energy-saving design, a mini-split system can prune your utility bills significantly. Typically using about 9,000 BTU (900 watts), it would cost less than thirty dollars a month, when running for eight hours a day.

You may even qualify for a  $300 tax credit (until December 31, 2020) encouraging purchases of energy-efficient products for the home. To qualify, split-system air conditioners must comply with the standards set by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), with SEER>=16 or EER>=13.

How can we help you?

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