Professional AC repair in Magnolia, TX For a Blissful Summer

In our blazing Texas summers, a cooling system hovering on the verge of collapse is the last thing anybody needs in their home. So here are some early warning signs that you will be needing professional AC repair in Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas in the very near future.

Remember: in the long run, it’s always safer (and cheaper!) to call in a licensed contractor like Wrightway Comfort, rather than trying to fix delicate and expensive equipment yourself, or calling in an unqualified handyman.

Warning signs

When your unit isn’t blowing cold air, it´s time to think about AC repair in Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas. This may be due to dust-clogged vents or a dirty filter restricting airflows over evaporator coils, which then overchill and frost up. A dirty or blocked air condenser may be the problem, or a malfunctioning thermostat. Perhaps the refrigerant needs topping up (particularly if puddles or leaks appear anywhere near your AC system), or there could be a problem with your compressor.

As it wears out, the compressor is unable to compress the gas enough, reducing system efficiency as it must run longer and harder to meet your cooling needs. Pumping up electricity consumption (and your monthly bills), this is when a smart investor starts comparison shopping for a new air conditioning installation in Magnolia, TX.

Other unwelcome hints that you need air conditioning service in Tomball, TX, are chittering, clicking or ticking noises warning that the compressor relay switch is wearing out. Rattling and rolling sounds might mean that the compressor motor has come loose from its mounts.

Compressor care

Although AC compressors are designed to last ten to fifteen years with regular maintenance, heavy use in our Texas heat ages them more rapidly. An early sign that you need air conditioning repair in Magnolia, TX, is a reduction in cool air outflows, or even warm air coming from vents, indicating that something is wrong in the system.

The compressor is the heart of your AC system, pumping refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser coils through its piping. This ensures that the refrigerant changes to gas or liquid, as needed. Three of the most common compressor problems requiring professional AC repair in Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas are:

  • Short-cycling: there are several reasons why a compressor may shut down before properly cooling your home, ranging from dirty filters, bad connections and worn parts. It might also be caused by a miscalibrated or broken thermostat, or even a poorly-dimensioned system, forcing your equipment to switch on and off too frequently;
  • Overheating: this is possibly caused by a drop in cooling capacity resulting from pressurization issues or refrigerant leaks, this could also be due to poor maintenance, with blocked airflows and loose connections all undermining the system´s ability to work properly;
  • Motor won’t start: If the AC compressor motor won’t turn on, you may have a faulty (or even missing) start capacitor.

Talk to a professional

Whatever the reason for your Magnolia AC repair, expert advice from Wrightway Comfort will provide a cost-effective solution to your cooling problems. Call us at (832) 558-2191.

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