Save More With AC Maintenance Through Smart Planning

As the days get longer, it’s time to think about your summer comfort. And that means making sure that your cooling system is performing at peak efficiency. An annual inspection is the best way to keep your monthly utility bills down, while also avoiding inconvenient (and sometimes expensive) breakdowns caused by defective components.

For cost-effective air conditioning maintenance in Tomball, TX, the smartest option is to call in a licensed contractor – like Wrightway Comfort – with a 27-point checklist that will keep your home or offices comfortable throughout the summer months. Here are just a few of the aspects that must be addressed during a professional air conditioning maintenance call.

Maintenance musts

Probably the most expensive part in your AC system, the compressor transfers heat from the indoor evaporator to the outdoor condenser. This is why it’s important to check refrigerant levels and make sure tubes are not blocked or leaking, to avoid overworking this key component and shortening its working life.

For unobstructed airflows, air filters are replaced, and the condenser and evaporator coils and fins must be cleaned and straightened, together with the outdoor fan motor and blades and the indoor blower assembly. The best air conditioning maintenance procedures also check ductwork for leaks and debris, with specialist cleanouts recommended every few years. This keeps indoor air healthy, free from dust, dander, pollen and pathogens.

Drain pans and condensate tubes must be clear, so that excess moisture is not trapped in the units, resulting in higher humidity with less comfort.

Electric wiring and controls should all be checked for wear and tear, tightening up connections when necessary.

Familiar with just about every brand and model on the market, our certified technicians are also knowledgeable about older systems, some of which still need lubrication, running on drive belts that might need adjustment or even replacement.

Once all these routine steps are complete, our technician switches the AC system back on in order to test its operations, particularly the starting cycle and shut-off control. Indoor/outdoor temperatures are also measured, together with system pressures, while checking for any strange odors or noises.

Do it yourself housekeeping

Although thorough air conditioning maintenance routines like this are the best way to guarantee cool and comfortable summers, homeowners and janitors can keep both temperatures and monthly bills down through a few simple summertime routines.

  • Filters should be checked every month, and replaced sooner rather than later, to avoid clogged airflows, higher room temperatures and unnecessary utility costs. Remember: a fresh filter can lower monthly air conditioning costs by up to 15%.
  • To avoid indoor water damage, check drain pans and make sure the piping is not clogged, to avoid messy drips and overflows.
  • Outdoors, shrubs and bushes should be trimmed back around the unit every few weeks, leaving at least two feet clear around it to allow adequate airflow to the condenser coil.

 How we can help you

Now you know more about professional air conditioning repair & maintenance in Tomball, TX, give us a call at (832) 501-9557 and discover how Wrightway Comfort can save you money and hassle throughout the summer.

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