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Stay cool all summer with effective air conditioning service in Spring, TX

 Keeping an AC system running smoothly all summer long can make all the difference to family comfort. That’s why professional air conditioning service in Spring, TX, and surrounding areas with Wrightway Comfort is a must this summer. Here are all the health and safety benefits of a professional air conditioning service in Katy, TX:

  • checking the entire system for signs that A/C repair in Cypress, TX may be needed soon;
  • may be imminent;
  • individual inspection of every component, looking for indications of wear and tear;
  • cleaning and clearing condensate pans and drain lines, to avoid pooling water;
  • complete cleaning, gently removing dirt and debris from indoor equipment as well as the outdoor condenser unit;
  • gently straightening bent condenser coils and evaporator coil, for more effective cooling;
  • checking the refrigerant level, topping it up if low, and scheduling ac repair in Tomball, TX, if needed;
  • testing airflows to ensure that the system is distributing cooled air evenly;
  • checking for exposed wires and worn insulation, while also tightening loose electrical connections;
  • testing and recalibrating thermostats. 

Choosing the right filter during ac service in Spring, TX,

Possibly the most important factor in ensuring good quality indoor air, clean filters are a vital component of your HVAC system. This summer more than ever, filters play a vital role in keeping homes healthy, trapping dirt, pollen, dander allergens and bio-contaminants. During your air conditioning service in Spring, TX, and surrounding areas, ask your Wrightway Comfort technician about upgrading your cooling system filters.

However, filters may be sized differently and also affect airflows. So ask about this possibility, while your Wrightway Comfort technician is handling your air conditioning service in Spring, TX, and surrounding areas with Wrightway Comfort.

Talk to the HVAC professionals

For added peace of mind, call Wrightway Comfort at (832) 734-5909 for expert advice on healthier indoor air.

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