Preparing your house for Conroe, TX heatwaves? Approach the Wrightway Comfort experts for quick air conditioning tune-up services that suit your budget!

Like the vehicle, every air conditioner requires a certain level of care and attention to continue functioning at optimal capacity. Regular AC tune up and maintenance services improve the system’s life and permit you to get the maximum value of your investment. When you want the unit to have a long lifespan, it is important to schedule an air conditioner tune up Conroe. It will permit us to find out small issues before they turn out unmanageable, costly, and large.

It is necessary to have a proper functioning and efficient unit to manage the Texas summer. The only option that makes sure efficiency is performing routine maintenance. Despite hiring an AC tune up near Conroe, certain maintenance steps like changing the filters can be performed yourself. A clean filter helps in putting less effort into the unit, prolongs life, and reduces energy expenses.

Beyond changing air filters, an excellent way to make sure your unit is functioning optimally is by scheduling a professional AC tune up service at Wrightway Comfort!

AC Installation & Replacement Cost In Conroe & The Surrounding Areas

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How Does AC Tune Up Benefit?

The AC has to be serviced, cleaned, and inspected once a year or in the Spring by an experienced HVAC engineer. It will ensure the unit is prepared to cool the house in the months you use it most. During the annual inspection, the HVAC engineer should perform the following checks:

  • Determine the thermostat’s accuracy
  • Evaluate belts
  • Oil motors
  • Inspect electrical terminals
  • Measure airflow
  • Evaluate and cover duct leaks
  • Evaluate for refrigerant leaks
  • Test the refrigerant levels

The AC can lose efficiency year after year when left unchecked. Do not permit this situation. Call the experts and plan for AC tune up service in Conroe, TX. At Wrightway Comfort, we perform the tune-up and maintenance a bit differently. We aim to offer the absolute best package to our clients for a competitive price.

Partner with Wrightway Comfort and feel the difference! We offer you HVAC solutions that suit your comfort and budget needs. No obligation and no hard sells. Call (346) 202-5101 now!

What Are Services Covered in the AC Tune-Up Program?

Once you become a member of Wrightway Comfort Hero Club, you will get free reminders to plan your seasonal inspections, a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, priority service, and exclusive discounts. No matter, if you are not a member, we still provide the below services for an affordable AC tune-up cost. How do we tune-up inside and outside the AC?

  • Evaluate the thermostat for temperature calibration and location
  • Oil the blower motor when required
  • Ensure the filter is of the right type and size and suits the filter rack.
  • See whether it is clean.
  • Check the connections and entire accessible ductwork for damaged or crushed ducts.
  • Evaluate the system charge utilizing the right method for the kind of unit.
  • Check for deteriorated or missing filling on the suction line.
  • Clean the outdoor electrical part, dust, and remove the insects, cobwebs, and dirt.
  • Check the condenser for leaves, weeds, seeds, cottonwood, dirt, and other accumulation.
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Common Air Conditioning Repairs

System’s SEER rating
System size
Addressing any ductwork issues
Type of compressor
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