Ductless Split System
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Do you wish to cool a specific individual room without having to depend on a complex zoning system? If so, a ductless split system is the best option. Wrightway Comfort offers a solution to your entire system and temperature requirements.

Some people are hot-natured, while some are cold. Ductless mini-split systems or ductless air conditioning systems calmly offer efficient comfort to places without ducts. It is referred to as mini-split since the equipment utilized to power is situated outside and inside the house. It consists of small indoor air handlers that can be set up on the wall or ceiling recessed.

Similar to the central AC unit, ductless units are managed by a panel. Certain units come with a remote. A single outdoor compressor unit can take charge of about eight mini-split mounts. Our Wrightway Comfort technicians can install the ductless mini-split system in your house in a quick time, developing a comfortable atmosphere for your family. Call us at (346) 202-5101 and get your ductless AC installed easily.

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Why utilize a ductless air conditioning system?

Several outstanding advantages make a ductless split system attractive to Conroe, TX homeowners.

  • Variable-speed inverter technology: Latest ductless HVAC system consists of a compressor that functions at numerous speeds. It permits accurate temperature adjustments, better energy efficiency, and home comfort than single-speed air conditioners.
  • Cooling and heating for home additions: Most people think that installing ductwork is an expensive scene. You can just purchase and set up a window AC in your renewed bedroom or attic add-on. However, ductless AC installation offers excellent comfort in all seasons. It also leaves the window space unoccupied, letting you enjoy natural ventilation.
  • Minimized energy usage: With the help of zoning controls, it is possible to target which room to cool and heat. This way, you can avoid energy waste connected with cooling unoccupied rooms. It limits the energy you utilize in the house.

Do you wish to enjoy these kinds of benefits in your house? Call (346) 202-5101 and request a ductless split system installation quote.

Best in class ductless AC service

When your air conditioner has failed in the middle of Conroe, TX summer, it takes a quick time for your comfort or quality of living to plummet. If you are experiencing this, you need to take a phone and call for immediate service, though your unit is not a traditional central air conditioning unit associated with the air handler.

Wrightway Comfort offers immediate or same-day services to clients in Conroe, TX. We provide a guarantee on the entire services we offer. Our HVAC engineers are well-versed in ductless AC replacement, maintenance, installation, and repair.

Call Wrightway Comfort at (346) 202-5101 for ductless service in Conroe, TX!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! They can be set up in one room or your entire Conroe, TX home. These systems suit almost any layout, size, and home.
The majority of ductless systems are set up within a day. It may take longer when the systems are large. At Wrightway Comfort, our technicians function quickly to limit the disturbance of your house without compromising quality.
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