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The month of sultry days. Have you taken care of your AC? You sure would be disappointed looking at your AC status, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying summer. Leave all your AC worries to our experts as we are professionals in AC maintenance in Cypress TX.

We at Wrightway Comfort offer only the best-trained professionals for your aid. Our technician will take a quick look at your system and offer the necessary maintenance and repair in the shortest time possible. Wrightway Comfort’s eligible professionals are a call away for we are available whenever you need us, 24/7. Schedule your appointment with us for AC repair in Cypress, TX and we will do our job with perfection leaving no space for complaints or compromise of any kind.

Importance Of Regular AC Maintenance Cypress TX!

Air conditioners demand regular maintenance. If ignored, it may lead to other serious problems. No matter which season days, your AC must be regularly maintained by contacting our professionals. Regular maintenance has its own benefits like prolonged AC life, great efficiency, lower energy bills, fewer future repairs, and more. You must always keep note that AC maintenance must be done only by the professionals, or face the consequence of heavy future repairs.

What is Included in AC Maintenance in Cypress, TX?

There are few things that can be taken care of by the homeowners. The following are a few of the simple and basic AC maintenance services in Cypress, TX that are regularly followed.

Air filters are the most prime part of your system. Ensure, you keep it clean by regularly washing it off from dust and dirt, once in 3-6 months. If it is a replaceable one, change it once in three months for a greater operation. A clean air filter helps to prolong the life of the AC by at least five years. Condensate drain must be cleaned every four to six months to prevent the growth of mold or algae.

Do not allow any vegetation to grow near the condenser as it may cause hurdles in the operation, thereby damaging it. Also, make sure there is no stagnant water near it, to avoid future problems. Our experts ensure they check the whole system thoroughly and repair issues if any. We guarantee our professionals will inspect the following things in your AC system. Inspection of air filter, which includes the whole home air filters or any media.

  • Blower wheel inspection
  • Condensate drain line inspection
  • Check for any refrigerant leaks
  • Clean the Thermostats and ensure their smooth operation

All the connection wires and related things will be carefully checked for any short circuit or power failures. Inspection of all the inside and outside parts of the ac system.

So if you are searching for AC maintenance near Cypress or in Cypress, TX, then call Wrightway Comfort. Book an appointment or schedule an AC repair service by calling us at (346) 202-5101.

AC Maintenance FAQs

Experts recommend that you get professional AC maintenance before the summer season sets in.

Yes! Call or chat with our staff. We will book your AC maintenance appointment and send you a reminder close to the appointment date.

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