Heater maintenance in Cypress, TX!

Is your heat not working? It might be time for a new heater. With Wrightway Comfort, you will have access to professional contractors that specialize in furnace maintenance and installation as well as heating repairs. In addition to heater maintenance in Cypress, TX- Wrightway Comfort also offers air conditioner repair and many other types of services including tankless water heaters!

What are some consequences of not having your heater serviced?

A lack of heater maintenance in Cypress, TX can result in some serious problems, including the following:

· The need to call for repairs on relatively new units.

· Short-term malfunctions that turn into more expensive long-term issues.

· Mechanical problems that result in costly repairs or an even more expensive replacement.

· Reduced unit efficiency, resulting in higher energy costs.

· Inadequate heating from a heater that should be able to meet your needs.

How often should you have your Heater serviced?

The typical answer to this question is every two years. If you are not sure when it was last serviced, schedule a maintenance checkup today. Wrightway Comfort will send out one of our professional technicians that are trained to inspect, test, clean, and repair heaters ranging in age from 6 months to 50 years.

If you are reaching the end of the expected life cycle for your heating unit, some signs let you know it may be time for a replacement. The typical life cycle of an average furnace is about 15-20 years; however, each unit varies depending on how well it was maintained and the climate you live in.

What is included in our heater maintenance?

Wrightway Comfort offers an array of services to keep your Heater running smoothly. Some of the common items on our checklists include:

· A visual inspection for both gas and electric furnaces.

· A change in air filters, if needed.

· A gas shut-off inspection.

· An electrical disconnect test.

· A combustion analysis of gas furnaces, including a CO2 check.

· A fan speed adjustment for the blower motor on electric furnaces.

Call Wrightway Comfort today at (346) 202-5101 to schedule your heater maintenance in Cypress, TX. You can also contact us online to get more information on our other services.

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