Heat Pump Repair Tomball TX

Heat Pump Repair Tomball TX

A favorite with homeowners and office managers looking for a convenient and cost-effective system that can handle summertime cooling and wintertime heating, heat pumps offer many benefits. Efficient and versatile, a heat pump works like an air conditioner, utilizing refrigerant flows to transfer heat from one place to another, usually between indoor and outdoor areas.

This heat is carried inwards or outwards by the refrigerant during both summer and winter, meaning that these systems run almost non-stop all year long. So no matter how resistant your equipment may be, at some point you will need heat pump repair for your home or office. And when this happens, it’s time to call in the experts at Wrightway Comfort.

Heat Pump Repair, Maintenance & Installation Near Tomball TX

If your HVAC equipment was installed more than a decade ago, it may well be coming to the end of its working life. This means it’s time to start thinking about a replacement system that will keep your family cool in summer and warm in winter, with top quality indoor air at affordable monthly rates, and with lighter effects on the environment. 

The two main options for heating your home are a gas furnace and a heat pump. Although the initial purchase and installation costs of a gas furnace are lower, further investment is needed in an air conditioning system that ensures summer comfort. Meanwhile, a heat pump system works all year long, channeling warm or cool air in as needed through the same piping.

Taking a longer term view, heat pumps are more energy efficient than furnaces, because it is easier to transfer heat than generate it. Under ideal conditions, a heat pump transfers 300% more energy than it consumes, while a high-efficiency gas furnace is only around 90% efficient. As heat pumps are powered by electricity, savings on fuel consumption are substantial. And in temperate climates, it’s over 100% efficient, functioning flawlessly as a heating and air conditioner.

Fast-Response Heat Pump Repair For Maximum Comfort

Smart homeowners with heat pumps know how crucial it is to call in the experts as soon as a problem appears. These expensive units need professional care, with prompt heating repair preventing further damage to delicate parts. If there is air blowing out, but it’s not warm enough, or the flows seem weak, the problem may be as simple as a dirty air filter or flat batteries in the thermostat, or as complicated as leaky piping or crushed evaporator coils.

The four most common problems requiring heat pump repair in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas are refrigerant leaks, an iced-over outdoor unit, a broken reversing valve and electrical failure. Whatever the cause, an expert diagnosis is needed quickly, particularly during cold snaps.

When You Need Professional Heat Pump Repair, Installation & Maintenance

Functioning just like an air conditioner, a heat pump transfers wants from one place to another through refrigerant flows. Part gas, part liquid, this coolant plays a vital role in heat pump operations all year round. So when the system springs a leak, this causes a problem which can get serious, if not dealt with promptly. A leak in the refrigerant line means there is not enough coolant in the system to absorb heat and transfer it. With impacts on comfort, this can also damage the expensive compressor, to the point that replacement may be needed.

A trained HVAC technician can quickly seal up leaks in the coolant line, recharging the refrigerant and bringing the system back into efficient operation through expert heat pump repair. So if you notice a drop in the heating or cooling power of your system, or if you hear any unusual hissing sounds, contact a licensed contractor like Wrightway Comfort for expert repairs. After all, it makes no sense to jeopardize an expensive compressor, when the problem can be solved quickly and easily during a single visit. Make an appointment!

A broken or stuck reversing valve can block the flow of the refrigerant in one direction, so there is no way of switching between heating mode and cooling mode. If this happens, a technician qualified in heating and AC services can easily replace the faulty valve, before any serious damage is done to the rest of the system. Call to fix this now!

Heater Maintenance, Repair, Installation in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas

 Our mild Texas winters are perfect for temperature-sensitive heat pumps, as the air drops well below freezing only a few days of the year. This means fewer heater or furnace repairs in Tomball, TX, as delicate coils and fins are less subject to damage by ice. But if your outdoor unit happens to frost over during a cold snap, it’s time to take fast action, as your heat pump should be running a defrost cycle. This is because any build-up of ice can block the unit entirely, imposing heavy stresses on the entire system that can lead to a complete breakdown. If this happens, call for professional heating repair fast. Contact us to save your system!

Offering an energy-efficient alternative to conventional furnace-based systems, heat pumps offer even more financial advantages in locations with low electricity rates. As electricity used to power the compressor and the fan motors, electrical failure is a common reason for heat pump repair. Specific components may have to be replaced, using special tools and specific skills to bring the system back into safe operation. Click here for a free quote!

Heat Pump Cost Near Tomball TX

Cost to repair a heat pump in Tomball & Surrounding Areas

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Staying Safe & Healthy With Heat Pump Repair in Tomball, TX

In general, the air from a heat pump in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas is cooler than the dry and toasty outflows from a furnace. With a well-maintained heat pump system, air flows are clean, fresh and naturally humid. Less drying on the skin, they also help with allergies to pollen, dust, dander, smoke and other irritants. Indoor units are typically installed in different rooms, with specific filters that can block odors, pollutants and bio-contaminants. This means that expert heating maintenance, repair, installation in Tomball, TX, and other specialized heating and AC services, keep indoor air clean and fresh all day long, for better family health throughout the year. Learn more!

Heat Pump FAQs

Careful homeowners should check their heat pump system regularly for leaks, noises and smells that could indicate hidden problems. With parts and labor included, repairs vary from as little as $50 for replacing the fan limit switch  to over $1,700 for a new compressor, which keeps temperature stable, compressing the gas and air. Heavier repair costs can be avoided through scheduling an annual inspection that pinpoints minor glitches and fixes them before they grow into major problems.

Other than minor steps like filter changes and replacing thermostat batteries by homeowners, almost all heat pump repairs must be handled by a qualified HVAC professional, to avoid damaging expensive equipment and voiding warranties. Working hard all year round, a heat pump has an average lifespan of some fifteen years, when properly maintained by a licensed contractor. With more mechanical parts than a gas-fired furnace, regular tune-ups are needed, always by a trained HVAC technician following a manufacturer-approved checklist.


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