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Dependable Heater Repair Tomball TX

When temperatures drop but your heater is on the blink, it’s time to contact the best licensed heating repair company in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas. Call Wrightway Comfort for fast, efficient service that keeps you, your family or employees safe and cozy through the winter months. Although most heating systems are expected to last anywhere from fifteen to twenty years, there are many different parts with different working lives, as some of them wear out faster than others. Capacitor battery components may last only three years, while blower motors can operate smoothly for up to seven years, obviously depending on how frequently your heating is running, and for how long.

Heating Repair or Replacement?

A healthy and comfortable home or office needs a safe and energy-efficient heating system, with heat pumps in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas sized to produce sufficient output without overheating. They should provide pleasant warmth whenever necessary, with good indoor air quality, but without ratcheting up monthly utility bills through excessive energy use and inefficient operations.

As one of your major investments in comfort, it’s important to keep track of how efficiently your furnace is running, whether fired by oil or natural gas. As a matter of safety, you need to know when to replace it, picking that financial sweet spot where heating repair service in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas costs outstrip the purchase price of a new unit.

 As a rule of thumb, if your furnace is less than fifteen years old, and repairs cost less than its replacement price, then it is worth repairing. But if your system is more than fifteen years old, even costly repairs might not keep it running safely and efficiently. In fact, if your properly-maintained furnace is only a decade or so old, allocating time and money to improving energy efficiency in other parts of your home could well be worthwhile, particularly duct leaks and insulation. If you feel uncertain about these decisions, discuss your options with a reputable heating repair company like Wrightway Comfort.

Heating Repair Cost in Tomball , TX

Heater Repair Cost in Tomball & Surrounding Areas

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Time For Top Quality Heating Repair Services Near Tomball TX

Sometimes your heater blows air that seems cooler than your thermostat setting, or it might not blow any warm air at all. Worse still, the entire system might not start up. Buzzing, clicking or rattling noises and odd smells wafting from your HVAC vents are all signs that it’s time to call in the experts   –  particularly as furnace repair in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas requires special expertise.

Although it’s tempting to delay, these signs all indicate that your heating system needs prompt attention from a licensed heating repair company, before what are (hopefully) minor problems expand into severe damage. Only licensed HVAC technicians should diagnose and repair complex heating systems, which range from gas and propane furnaces with temperamental pilot lights through to air handlers, heat pumps and delicate thermostats.

Picking Dependable Heating Repair Company

During chilly winters in Tomball, heating repairs are almost impossible to avoid. No matter how carefully homeowners and office managers schedule regular heating maintenance calls for their systems, wear and tear take their toll on delicate parts. This is when an insured, licensed contractor like Wrightway Comfort is your trusted partner, responding rapidly to urgent requests for heating repair services  in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas. With just a quick call, you can be confident that a certified technician will soon be knocking at your door, working to stringent standards of excellence and equipped with all the necessary tools to fix your problem quickly. For a fast, efficient solution to your HVAC problem, Contact Us!

Heating Repair, Installation & Maintenance in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX

When you need expert help with heating your home or office, it’s time to talk to a Wrightway Comfort consultant and explore your options. From a single room to a mansion or even an entire office block, there’s a make and model that’s perfect for your needs. Free estimates!

It’s hard for homeowners and office managers to keep up with the dynamic HVAC market. With new products reaching SEER ratings of an incredible 26, it’s vital to compare the energy efficiency benefits of a central HVAC or a ductless split system in Tomball, TX. Installation costs, peripheral restoration, equipment prices, intended uses, customized programming, monthly bills, lifetime AC service costs, including maintenance and repair, and working life durations must all be factored into a long-term investment and payback schedule covering a couple of decades. 

Heating systems in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, TX, and surrounding areas need regular maintenance in Tomball, TX, to stay running smoothly throughout the winter. However, when it’s time to decide between heating repair, installation or replacement, expert advice is needed from an expert, like a Wrightway Comfort consultant.

Heating Repair FAQs

On average, repairing an electric furnace costs anywhere between $130 and $500,  often priced at less than $300. Gas furnaces are far more expensive to repair, ranging from $375 to $1,200, depending on system  complexity.

There are about fifty parts in a furnace, and any of them could break down at any time. The most common culprits are flame sensors (that often get clogged with dirt) and poorly maintained ignitors, which can short out the circuit board, causing malfunctions elsewhere in the system. A faulty thermostat is another low-cost problem that is fast and easy to fix. Dead or dying motors are trickier,  especially as some of them are manufacturer specific, so technicians may not be able to obtain the right model outside normal working hours. Costs vary from around $400 to $1,500, depending on size and horsepower.

First, check the breaker box for blown fuses and make sure the thermostat is set at the correct temperature. Then switch the power off, unplug the heater, wait half an hour, plug it back in and press the reset button. In the meantime, check the air filter, as blocked airflows can cause short-cycling.  But if none of these quick fixes work,  don’t risk your expensive system by opening up the motor or blower yourself. Instead, be smart, stay safe and call in the experts at Wrightway Comfort. Contact us!


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Common Heating Repairs

Electric ignition or pilot control

$250 – $700

Flame sensor or thermocouple replacement

$80 – $250

Thermostat replacement

$200 – $750

Blower motor replacement

$500- $1200

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Repair Process


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