AC Installation & Replacement Hockley TX

We provide professional AC installation Hockley TX, and surrounding areas. Call us to upgrade or install a new cooling system in your house today. 

To endure the warm summers of Hockley, TX, a good functioning air conditioning unit remains very important. At Wrightway Comfort, we offer a cost-effective AC installation while catering to your particular needs. Being the best contractor for AC installation Hockley TX, our engineers set up AC units as per the manufacturer’s instructions and manual, making sure longevity and efficiency.

Are you noticing issues with your AC? Contact our professional and friendly technicians to discuss the solutions.

AC Installation & Replacement Cost in Hockley, TX

AC Installation & Replacement Cost In Hockley & The Surrounding Areas

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Signs You Require New AC Installation Hockley TX

If your AC is frequently causing trouble or if you are repeatedly calling technicians for repairs, you have to think about replacement. We suggest replacement when the repair costs of the AC are more than installation consequences. A new system would help in saving a lot of inconvenience and money. Replacement remains financially sensible when:

  • Constant maintenance does not remain effective or fails to prevent breakdowns
  • The AC unit results in poor indoor air quality
  • Low efficiency is increasing the energy bills
  • Repair expenses are more than the cost of AC installation
  • The AC unit is above ten years

If you are noticing these signs, you have to call one of our technicians for a detailed analysis of your AC. We will assist in making the right assessment about whether to replace or repair the system.

Which is the best system?

Most customers approach us asking which system to choose for their requirements. Along with AC installation services, our technicians assist you in choosing the right unit for your requirements. There are several kinds of AC in the market like window units, central air conditioners, and ductless systems. Before suggesting the right system, we will study the following:

  • Benefits and features for comfortable indoor temperature control
  • Payment options for the fresh AC unit
  • State or federal tax credits that may be present for the AC you are selecting
  • The seasonal energy efficiency percentage of the AC unit
  • The compatibility of the present ductwork in your house
Does your home lack reliable ductwork? Contact us for ductless mini-split AC installation Hockley, TX!

Best AC Installation Hockley, TX

We are a trusted contractor in Hockley, TX especially for AC installation and other associated services. Our licensed and trained technicians have sufficient expertise in offering customers perfect AC installation solutions. It means the AC installed by us last for years without any repairs or defects. We do the installations completely in a professional manner as mentioned by the manufacturers, thus you can enjoy value and comfort with the new AC unit.

Wrightway Comfort offers professional and dedicated AC installation Hockley, TX, and the surrounding areas. Call and speak to our experienced team at (346) 202-5101 for scheduling services or learning more about other options!
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Common Air Conditioning Repairs

System’s SEER rating
System size
Addressing any ductwork issues
Type of compressor
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Repair Process


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Regardless of your home comfort issue, our competitive pricing will help you make the perfect choice right off the bat. In case of repairs or installations, you will know what to expect before any work begins. Contact us online or call us at (346) 202-5101 to request a repair, service, or installation. 


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