Are you looking for reliable AC maintenance Hockley, TX? Wrightway Comfort is the one-stop solution for your entire HVAC needs!

We expect the air conditioner to function efficiently and reliably especially in the warm midsummer. One of the best ways to avoid various AC malfunctions and utility bill spikes is by appointing a contractor for regular AC maintenance Hockley TX. When you team up with an experienced contractor, you get only the best services that would remain completely worth your money, effort, and time.

Wrightway Comfort is known for its professional AC maintenance service Hockley TX. Our engineers repair and maintain all brands of AC and we use approved service methods and trusted replacement parts. As part of AC maintenance, we perform a complete unit inspection, routine repairs, and cleaning of small and critical parts to make sure that the system functions optimally. Also, our experts offer important maintenance tips and care instructions that help in improving its lifespan.

Do you have an old unit that breaks down frequently? Contact our trusted engineers and schedule for complete AC inspection today!

Why Regular AC Maintenance is Important in Hockley TX?

Most AC owners do not perform scheduled maintenance when their system appears in working status. However, there are some important reasons to schedule maintenance for your AC unit

Indoor air quality: Duct cleaning and scheduled maintenance make sure that no pollutants enter your house through the air vents. It preserves the unit from blockages and leaks and limits health issues that arise due to poor quality air. 

Efficiency: If the ducts and filters of your AC are clogged, then the unit functions hard to maintain a constant indoor temperature. Due to this, the motor and cooling unit experience undue stress, and thereby, the efficiency of the AC gets affected badly.  

Troubleshooting: By scheduling for AC maintenance, the air conditioner continues to function reliably and has very less chances of unexpected breakdowns. 

System lifespan: With regular maintenance, the lifespan of the AC can be extended considerably, and thus, you do not need to substitute the entire unit early. 

In simple terms, regular cleaning and maintenance keep the AC function at best capacity. Moreover, it promises a comfortable living space for your workforce or family when the summer remains at peak.

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How Do We offer AC Maintenance Services?

Our AC maintenance cost and procedure depend upon the unit, however, most of our services would include:

  • Checking the ductwork for dirt accumulation or leaks
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Inspecting the thermostat and wiring
  • Replacing filters
  • Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Evaluating the drainage system for blockages or leaks
  • Inspecting the unit for marks of wear

If we think that your AC needs extra repair, we will share all the details along with a quote. Thus, you can make an appropriate decision.

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