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As the summer heat is fierce in Houston areas, you would require an efficient and reliable air conditioning system to keep your home comfortable and cool at a practical cost. One of the best ways to improve the performance and efficiency of your AC unit is regular AC maintenance in Houston, TX. It helps in keeping energy expenses to a minimum, prevent breakdowns, and detect issues early. Wrightway Comfort offers exclusive AC services. Our experienced engineers ensure to maintain your equipment as safe, reliable, and efficiently as possible.

Why Is AC Maintenance Important?

In Houston, you would have noticed several days with exceeding or reaching triple-digit temperatures. Due to this, the air conditioner would be functioning at high loads constantly. When you do proper preventative maintenance, you could avoid issues like inefficient or unreliable systems or tragic failure. Our AC maintenance service in Houston, TX assists in preventing AC failures and breakdowns and also comes with several other benefits. Benefits of regular AC maintenance:

  • Complete protection of the system warranty
  • Longer equipment life
  • Lower repair expenses
  • Fewer service calls, repairs, and breakdowns
  • Low utility expenses and energy consumption
  • Improved air quality, humidity control, and comfort

What Is Included In AC Maintenance?

Our engineers service all modes and brands of the AC unit and provide affordable AC maintenance programs. As part of AC maintenance services in Houston, TX, we analyze your cooling system and do complete cleaning and inspections, including: 

  • Clean or change air filter: It is performed to make sure you have a clean and working air filter that is appropriate for your unit. Though you change the filter, the HVAC contractor would suggest a better filtration system or filter to use.
  • Check system controls: It makes sure safe operation and proper cycling of the AC system. It is mandatory to check whether the system is shutting off, operating, and starting properly.
  • Clear and check condensate drain lite: Clearing the condensate line of the AC makes sure that the air conditioner can appropriately drain liquid condensation. For instance, if the drain lines have been clogged, it can result in water leakage, wetness, or other moisture issues. Condensate drain cleanings help in eliminating any bacteria and mold around the drain line. The technician also searches for a cracked condensate drain line and replaces or repairs the leaking you may have. 
  • Lubricate moving parts: Lack of lubrication results in the breakdown of system parts very quickly, needing frequent replacements and repairs. 
  • Tighten or check electrical connections: Tightening and checking electrical connections helps in catching possible electrical hazards and enhances the cooling system’s lifespan. To know the complete AC maintenance checklist, contact our engineers.

To schedule the best AC maintenance Houston, TX call (346) 202-5101.

AC Maintenance FAQs

The company you choose should be licensed, bonded, and insured. They should provide a certificate of completion for all warranty work. You can check with the Better Business Bureau for complaints filed against the company. Also, ask what makes their system different from others on the market and why yours should go with them.

In general, if your AC unit is more than 10 years old, the cost of repairing the system will be as much as replacing it. If you have a modern system that has been well maintained and it is now 10-15 years old, then you should have it replaced. If you have an older system, still running but not cooling efficiently or is making strange noises, then have it repaired. If your unit is 5 years old or less, you may want to hold off on replacement until they are 8-10 years old.

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