Ductless Split System Installation in Houston, TX

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It is expensive to stay cool in Houston, TX. Selecting the appropriate air conditioning unit is important for your comfort and utility bills. Are you looking for a substitute for the central air conditioning unit? Well, you need to think about the ductless split system as these units are simple and faster to install and need less maintenance. You do not have to worry about additional ductwork once you obtain a perfect ductless split system installations in Houston TX. Wrightway Comfort is your ideal local HVAC contractor committed to offering a complete comfort home with the exceptional ductless split system Houston TX. We are experts in offering the best ductless split system installation solution for your needs.

Our experts are highly skilled in setting up the top of line units that can function as multiple indoor air handlers by utilizing the single outdoor unit, providing excellent fantastic temperature controls throughout the year. As we are well trained in installing all kinds of ductless split systems, we offer quality and best ductless split system installation where you would not experience any issues at the later date. Contact us today for any assistance regarding your ductless mini-split system in Houston TX.

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How to make complete use of your ductless mini-split system?

These systems have gained popularity in recent years for their energy efficiency and ease of installation. If you are thinking of investing in one or already have a ductless system, then you have to read these tips to make sure of optimum performance.

  • Care: By doing a few maintenance tasks, you can keep the unit functioning in the best condition. Remove debris and dust from the vents and outdoor portion once a week. Also, make sure that the inside unit is not congested by large furniture since mini splits need sufficient area to function correctly. Check the pipes for leaks and damage. It should be clear. If needed, replace, or clean filters.
  • Professional maintenance: By getting professional maintenance service, you can keep the unit functioning efficiently. When you schedule regular maintenance, the technicians will arrive, assess electrical connections, check the unit for refrigerant leaks, inspect drain hoses, and perform other maintenance activities to ensure the unit serves capably for longer.
  • Proper installation: Professional ductless split system installation Houston TX guarantees the efficient functioning of the unit.

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Factors to consider before ductless split system installation, Houston TX

Before purchasing and installing a ductless split system, ensure to consider these factors:

  • Do you want clean indoor air?
  • Do you need better climate control?
  • Thinking about upfront savings?
  • Do you need to save on energy bills?
  • Do you already have ductwork in your house?

If you are installing the ductwork for the first time in your home, then you may find the installation process expensive for the central air conditioning system. Also, the installation may take around one week. But when you select a ductless mini-split unit, it just takes one to two days for installation. It does not require much labor work. You can save on installation expenses and also return to your routine fast.

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What our customers says
Apart from easy installation the ductless split system is extremely efficient and requires low maintenance. It offers personalized comfort whilst improving air quality so that you can remain healthy.
They are a compact size and allow for flexibility. Since there is no ducts, it reduces the energy losses that are associated with ductwork
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