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If you are residing in Houston, TX, or surrounding areas, you would know well how winter remains. It can be very cold and it is the main reason you should equip your home with a good functional furnace. If your furnace is not functioning up to mark, you need to give immediate attention to your furnace. Wrightway Comfort is the leading furnace repair contractor who is ready to assist whenever you require. You just have to call us regarding heating repair services in Houston TX and we will send one of our experienced crew members to determine the functioning and status of your furnace.

When you should call a leading furnace repair company?

If you are noticing issues in your furnace, it is important to know the type and duration of the issue. Some of the common issues that denote that you should call for HVAC & furnace repair Houston are as follows:

  • The temperature you are experiencing and the temperature that is mentioned on the thermostat.
  • Vibrations or loud banging noises when the appliance is functioning.
    Strange smells arriving from the furnace.
  • Expensive monthly energy bills.

If you are noticing any of these issues, it means there is some issue in your furnace. It is always best to get help from a professional.

Need furnace repair in Houston, TX? Call our experts and fix an appointment.

Why should you schedule regular furnace maintenance?

The majority of issues can be avoided when you maintain the furnace regularly. If you keep the appliance in excellent status, the furnace will function efficiently for a long period. The three major benefits you can enjoy with regular furnace maintenance are as follows:

  • The system remains in function for a long time. Due to better efficiency, you can notice low utility expenses over time.
  • Save money by eliminating the requirement for constant repairs.
  • The appliance will require fewer repairs and have a long lifetime.
  • You can remain in the peace of mind when a professional services the system and keeps the system capable of the winter months.
  • We change the filter and remove blockages to enhance airflow.

If you think that the furnace is due for maintenance, it is recommended to schedule for our immediate heating repair in Houston TX before winter arrives. Thus, you can be confident regarding the functioning of the system during cold months.

Need HVAC repair in Houston, TX? Call our experts and fix an appointment.

Best services at the right time!

At Wrightway Comfort, we ensure to offer excellent workmanship at a reasonable price. Our team will assist and give the right care and service as per your system. It is simple and hassle-free to fix an appointment and obtain our services. We do not let you worry about the repair or waste your entire day to get it back in good status. When you work with our engineers, you can enjoy several benefits like same-day service, financing options, knowledgeable technicians, and flat-rate pricing.

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Regardless of your home comfort issue, our competitive pricing will help you make the perfect choice right off the bat. In case of repairs or installations, you will know what to expect before any work begins. Contact us online or call us at (346) 202-5101 to request a repair, service, or installation. 


Contact us to book at time that best suits your schedule. Our awesome and supportive CSR team will jot down every little detail about the problem as well as any other preferences or notes you may have for us, and we will take it from there! 


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What our customers says
Sufficient servicing on your furnace can help extend the lifespan as well as improve the efficiency. It creates a safe environment by enhancing air quality so that you and your family can remain comfortable.
If you notice a rise in energy bills, it may be due to issues relating to your furnace. You may also discover strange smells or loud unusual noises that can also be related to furnace troubles.
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