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If you are a resident of a beautiful place named Katy, TX, then an air conditioner can sure be termed as a lifesaver, especially during the summer days. Be at your office, home, or anywhere, an air conditioner plays an important role as it helps to keep you cool and comfortable all through the hot days.

But many people do not take the maintenance job seriously as they believe it to be more of a reactive affair. They start looking for maintenance service only when they notice problems with their AC. But until then, the damage is already been done. To save yourself from unnecessary expense and inconvenience, call Wrightway Comfort, for they offer the best AC maintenance service Katy, TX. Our reliable and experienced professionals promise efficiency, reliability, and safe services.

When did you service your air conditioner lastly? If it has been more than a year, you need to schedule A/C tune-up or A/C maintenance Katy, TX, with our team!

Why AC Maintenance is Important?

Your air conditioner needs preventive maintenance to perform efficiently and effectively. AC maintenance is considered a basic affair which if ignored would lead to breakdowns or expensive repairs. Investing in the air conditioner is an expensive investment and schedule for a maintenance program, you will be doing great help for your AC that will avoid breakdowns and repairs.

Benefits of regular AC maintenance

  1. It will help you save on repair costs
  2. The efficiency of the system is guaranteed
  3. Promises good air conditioner, even when you use in the off-season
  4. Low energy bills
  5. Longer life span and more.
If you wish to know the exact A/C maintenance cost Katy, TX, call our team and share details about your existing AC model!

Searching AC Maintenance Near Katy TX?

Our technicians of Wrightway Comfort can take care of all brands and models with ease. And with our affordable maintenance program, you can relax about the maintenance cost as it will be offered to you at your convenient price.  Our maintenance services include:

  • Replacing or cleaning the filters: Cleaning the filters will improve the efficiency of the system and will avoid damages and repairs.
  • Unclogging the drain: If the drain is not cleaned regularly, it will clog with time. Once the drain gets clogged, there will be no place for the water to drain. With no place of leaving, the water will turn its direction and enter the system’s internal parts and damage it. It will also cause high humidity in the room, making the room warm and uncomfortable.
  • Close inspection of the coils and other moving parts: The coils get damaged with time, which will make the AC operation a little difficult. Our engineers will take care of it and make it as new as before. We will also make sure to lubricate all moving parts so that your AC works in its finest form.
Call the Wrightway Comfort team at (346) 202-5101 and schedule an appointment for the best AC maintenance in Katy, TX!
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