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The residents of Katy do know its harsh winter days and to survive it, you will need a good operational furnace system. If your furnace does not operate it rightly, then now is the time to act, before the chilly winds strike you hard.

Place your trust in Wrightway Comfort, as we are the most reliable firm, offering all kinds of furnace repair and services. Our services have given us the name of the Best furnace repair Katy TX, as we believe to satisfy our customers 100%. We promise to never let you down as we have no black marks on our credit.

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When You Should Call Leading Furnace Repair Company?

As soon as you notice an issue with your furnace system, no matter how tiny it is, call the technicians at the earliest. 

Some of the common furnace problems are,

  • The furnace is not producing heat: Before calling the technicians, check whether the thermostat is set in Heat mode. Try resetting it for few degrees and look for any possible temperature change. If the temperature remains the same, get immediate help.
  • Heating or rapid cycling problems: If your furnace is turning on and off quickly, then it can be a reason for ignored maintenance. The filters may be dirty because of which it is not able to compete for its full cycle. Call the technicians to clean or replace the filter, or else, it will damage other internal parts as well.
  • Noisy ductwork or furnace: Noises are not common in the furnace and indicate mechanical problems. If you hear a rattling noise, then it can be because of losing panels. Popping or pinging sound indicates thermal expansion, squealing noise can be the reason for slipping of the belts of motor and fan, and finally, the grinding sound indicates a severe motor problem.  
  • Know your furnace age: Furnace is built to survive for many good years, but not forever. If your furnace has reached its maximum period time or gives constant repairing and other related problems, then it’s time to contact the professionals of HVAC repair Katy, TX for more solutions and options.

There are more furnace problems, which if you notice, call the technicians for help before the damage gets severe.

Need HVAC repair, Katy, TX? Call our experts and fix an appointment!

Best Service at the Right Time!

We at Wrightway Comfort offers the finest service and solutions. Our technicians are highly capable and trained promising you to serve nothing less than the best. We promise to complete your work in the shortest time possible, ensuring a no-compromise policy. Besides, our affordable pricing policy will not only complete your work but also make you happy and satisfied. We have been serving our customers for many good years with a satisfaction rate of 99.99%.

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