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It is possible to enjoy all the benefits of a central air conditioning system without the ducts. Are you wondering how? Contact Wrightway Comfort to know the features and perks of ductless split system installation Pinehurst, TX!

Most homeowners wish to enjoy the comfort of a central AC system but find it hard to install one. It may be because they reside in an apartment or lack ductwork. The ductless split system offers the exact level of comfort and features you obtain from the central AC unit. And the best part is you do not need to set up ducts. Get in touch with the Wrightway Comfort team to learn more about the ductless system installation Pinehurst, TX.

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Why Do You Need to Opt for the Best Ductless Mini Split System Installation?

If your home does not have ducts or if you depend on handy fans or AC units, there is an excellent option to enjoy the best level of comfort that you enjoy with the central AC. It is a ductless split system. Some of the many advantages of installing these units are as follows:

Easier installation: Central air conditioners need ductwork installation. But these ductless systems need little effort and time to install.

More flexible: If there are more than 5 or 6 members in your house, then there are chances where each person would prefer a unique temperature. We recommend installing ductless mini-split systems in your house since each person can set their comfortable temperature for their room and thus everyone can be content.

Environmentally friendly: Ductless split units are efficient than AC units and they require less energy. It means it is highly environment friendly. 

Money savings: It utilizes less energy and is more efficient than the central AC units. With ductless split systems, you can save about 30% on energy expenses. 

The benefits of a ductless split system are endless. To obtain the best ductless split system installation, contact our Wrightway Comfort team.

Are you wondering whether a ductless split system is right for you? Call our experts for an assessment!

How to Maintain the Ductless Mini-Split System?

It is one of the cost-effective and efficient solutions for cooling your home. To ensure that the system lasts long and remains efficient for a long time, you need to do routine maintenance. It is important to keep the outside part clean to avoid dirt and dust from entering the system. Moreover, clean and remove the filters for the efficient functioning of the unit. Ensure to clean the condenser and coil that is located at the outer part of the unit. It is recommended to schedule professional maintenance at least once a year.

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