AC Maintenance in Spring TX

Just like other appliances, your air conditioner requires regular maintenance to function best as possible. We have several years of real-time experience in the AC industry and we know the ins and outs of all kinds of air conditioners. We have maintained almost all types and brands of AC systems from ductless AC systems and air handlers to furnaces. We know the importance of maintaining the AC units and so, we ensure to do it perfectly every time. Our AC maintenance services in Spring, TX, and neighboring areas are the best in town.

How Do We Perform AC Maintenance?

When our technician visits your home for AC maintenance service in Spring, TX, they would analyze and see how to optimize the cooling system. We can serve all models and makes of AC units like ductless mini-split systems, air handlers, and central air conditioner systems. Our inspection and tune-up would include:

  • Determine liquid pressure and suction pressure
  • Measure sub cooling and superheat
  • Tighten the electrical connections in the system and also in the disconnect box
  • Check thermostat calibration
  • Determine indoor and outdoor fan motor ability
  • Wash outdoor coil
  • Evaluate thermostat calibration
  • Evaluate compressor capacity rating
  • Oil the outdoor fan motor
  • Apply rust proofing

Contact us for top-quality air conditioning maintenance, Spring, TX, and surrounding areas.

Why is it Important to Sign Up for AC Maintenance Contract?

As you are investing a lump sum amount to purchase a system, it is important to maintain efficiency. One of the main benefits you can enjoy with regular AC maintenance Spring TX is reduced utility bills. If the system functions efficiently, you will spend less money on electricity and other cooling expenses. It also helps in preventing entire replacements or major repairs. 

A well-maintained unit will keep your house cool and also prevent air quality issues. Clean coils and filters mean better living space for the entire family. If the unit is not well maintained, it serves as a breeding area for bacteria, mold, and dirt, all these worsen or cause respiratory issues for people residing in the building or home. 

AC maintenance services in Spring, TX, bring numerous benefits. When the unit is well maintained, the life of the unit can also be extended. It functions well and offers exceptional cooling to your building or home. Such systems will last for about ten years without causing any major repairs. It makes sense to own a good functioning unit for a long time. Research for AC maintenance near Spring TX and approach a leading expert – Wrightway Comfort. 

Wrightway Comfort takes care of AC maintenance where you can enhance comfort and improve energy efficiency from the smoother operation. We are even well-versed in dehumidifiers installation service in Spring, TX. Contact us at (346) 202-5101 and enroll now.

AC Maintenance FAQs

The simple answer is yes. Here’s why. If your AC is working perfectly, the only way to maintain that perfection for as long as possible is with regular air conditioning maintenance. 

Even an old AC benefits from air conditioning maintenance services in Spring, TX. Our routine maintenance services help spot problems in your already old AC before they become serious.

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