AC Repair in Spring, TX

During peak summer days, it is hard to manage without an air conditioner. If the AC unit fails to function or does not perform to its maximum level, it can be uncomfortable to work or rest in that living space. Schedule AC repair in Spring, TX with the Wrightway Comfort team.

At Wrightway Comfort, we specialize in AC replacement and repairs. We make sure to keep your family comfortable inside the house even during the hottest months. Our experienced NATE certified technicians offer emergency AC repair services in Spring, TX that can keep your system in good status and function faster. We provide comprehensive services that keep your home comfortable and cool all throughout the year.

AC Repair Services in Spring TX

If your AC unit breaks down, it is important to approach effective and prompt technicians who can sort out the issue quickly. Several companies do routine checkups for heating and AC units mostly at the start of each season. Along with regular checkups, our AC professionals assist in AC replacements and installations and attic insulation services in Spring, TX.

How Does the AC Repair Process Work?

All it takes is a phone call from you and a technician will be at your doorstep in no time! We will evaluate your air conditioning unit with ease and determine the root cause of the fault including any other minor issues that need to be fixed. After conversing with you our client the process of repairing your specific unit our team will begin the repair process. It’s as easy as that! Get your AC repair services in Spring, TX done by professionals today!

What Are the Signs of AC Repair?

Most people wonder when to call technicians for AC repair services in Spring, TX. Well, if you notice certain common signs or issues in your AC, you should immediately get the technician’s assistance. But some minor things can be fixed on their own. 

Before approaching one of the top AC repair companies in Spring, TX, check the AC system’s electric panel. See whether you can turn on the unit and the unit functions according to the temperature you have set. After checking the electric panel, you have to analyze the circuit breaker. There are chances for the circuit breaker to ‘drip’. See whether it is in the switched ‘on’ status.

In some cases, the AC will function but it does not provide cool air. It means air filters should be checked or replaced. Certain people change the air filter once in a year or two, but some change four times in a year. See whether the AC filter requires replacement or just a cleanup. To improve the condition of your AC, you can clean the condensation drain and outdoor compressor. 

If all these steps do not help in bringing your AC back to efficient running status, you have to search for AC repair near Spring TX or in Spring, TX. Are you exhausted by attempting to fix the AC issue on your own? Call Wrightway Comfort – AC repair experts now. Book an appointment or schedule an AC repair service by calling us at (832)-772-5642.

AC Repair FAQs

Our technicians will assess the situation and offer you the most affordable replacement and installation options.

If you live in a colder area and your air conditioning breaks, it’s probably best to call one of the leading air conditioning repair companies in Spring, TX when the weather is warm. Since many of these professionals work with residential homes it can be difficult or they may not accept jobs that are outside of their specialty. If you don’t want to wait until you can stand to open a window, then hiring an AC repair company is probably your best option.

Many people ignore this, thinking it’s just not worth the time to clean the filter. Well, turns out you should be cleaning this every month, because the AC filters are vital elements in your homes. If you don’t clean or replace them often enough they can also adversely affect your HVAC unit and even cause mold growth inside the house.

Fevicon Wright Way Comfort

Common Air Conditioning Repairs

Compressor replacement

$1,495 – $3,495

Thermostat replacement

$200 – $750

Contactor replacement

$239 – $380

Condenser fan motor replacement

$400 – $900

Capacitor replacement

$133 – $380

Fevicon Wright Way Comfort

The Wrightway Comfort Experience


Regardless of your home comfort issue, our competitive pricing will help you make the perfect choice right off the bat. In case of repairs or installations, you will know what to expect before any work begins. Contact us online or call us at (346) 202-5101 to request a repair, service, or installation. 


Contact us to book at time that best suits your schedule. Our awesome and supportive CSR team will jot down every little detail about the problem as well as any other preferences or notes you may have for us, and we will take it from there! 


You can expect a message notifying you about our arrival and reminding you about our appointment at regular intervals so that you know when we will step on your doorstep. Efficiency at the finest, because you know you’ve got no time to waste!


We are in this business to put a huge smile on your face. Your feedback helps us improve. If you are not 100% satisfied by the time we finish the job, let us know and we’ll set the record straight before you know it.

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